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Radiator Repair And Maintenance

Radiators keep us warm during the chilly nights. A high-quality radiator lasts for a long time — but not for eternity. Hence, regular radiator repair and maintenance is necessary. As radiators remain in an open place, it collects dust and debris resulting in inefficiencies, uneven heat, or complete breakdown. If you are suffering from the same issue, do not hesitate to give us a call at 01245 945112. Our radiator maintenance specialists will attend you on-site and provide the best solution. If it’s repairable, we will ensure you get it functioning again within the shortest possible time at an affordable price. Call Us 01245 945112
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Radiator Repairs Near me

Radiators are an integral part of your boiler and if something happens your boiler will not work properly. The radiator is designed to heat the air. It uses convection to transfer the heat to the surrounding air. Usually, we use radiators continuously during winter. Sometimes old radiators malfunction all of a sudden and demand emergency repair. If your radiator is not producing adequate heat to keep you warm, probably there is something awful going on. And it may cause serious damage to the whole heating system causing you additional repairing costs. So, it’s better you fix it when any minor issue is detected. At G.L. Plumbing And Gas Engineering, we are committed to ensuring your radiator is functional and keeping your house warm whenever you need it. 

Common Issues And Radiator Service

With temperature falling drastically, you might have to readjust the heat more than often. These frequent changes mean your radiator has to work beyond the usual routine. And in some cases, it may malfunction. Although it’s common in old radiators, that does not mean the new one won’t be affected. Below are the two common issues most radiators show and require repair. 

Unusual Sound

If you hear any knocking sound don’t look away. Even though it’s not a major issue, you just cannot ignore it. A knocking sound from the radiator indicates it has some air trapped within. It might disrupt the heat distribution resulting in uncomfortable living. To get rid of this problem, the radiator needs bleeding. Our skilled gas engineers and radiator repair specialists can fix your radiator within the quickest possible time. Give us a call at 01245 945112 to get emergency assistance.

Unusual Heat Distribution

Sometimes you may experience a colder temperature on the top of the radiator but much hotter at the bottom. It also disrupts temperature distribution and this is mostly caused by trapped air. Bleed the radiator to release air and it will function smoothly like before. But, setting up the radiator in the wrong way may shut it down or produce inadequate heat. If you are having this issue, do not forget to contact us. However, if you notice any hole in the radiator, you should replace it as soon as possible. In some cases, replacing a radiator comes at a cheap price compared to heavy repair.

Essex Radiator Repair And maintenance

One thing to remember— hot air is lighter and cold air is heavier. So, the radiator draws in the colder air at the bottom and passes it through the radiator fins, it then discharges warmer, lighter air at the top. This cycle continues and this is how radiators work with your boiler to heat up your home. Now, if your radiator stops working, your home will not heat up. The boiler will be drawing power and pad up your electricity bill without giving you the end product. If you face such scenarios at your home, call us at 01245 945112 and we will take the appropriate measures to fix your situation.
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