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Boiler Servicing

How Frequently Do Boilers Need Servicing?

Boilers are one of the crucial household items that we depend on during cold winter to keep us warm and cosy. But it requires regular maintenance to keep functional all year round. You will find numerous boiler brands available in the UK. However, only a few of them offer reliable service and seamless performance. On average, you will be needing minor servicing every year. This is to make sure your boiler is at its best performance keeping your house comfortable. But depending on your boiler types, you should call different servicemen. For example—
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Having a house with no heating system and freezing water in cold conditions is neither comfortable nor convenient. This is why boiler breakdowns are the last thing you should face. We understand how uncomfortable it can get when a boiler breakdown occurs and you need an emergency service. Boiler servicing is essential to keep it in tip-top condition all year round. Getting your boiler serviced once a year can solve the issue and get you the proper heating and warm water you deserve. G. L Plumbing and Gas Engineering Ltd. has expertise within the boiler industry for years now. With one call, our experts will be at your door within a short timeframe.
We ensure top-notch boiler breakdown repair and installation service in Essex. Contact us to get your boiler serviced with the highest level of perfection.

Gas Boilers

If you are using a gas boiler, contact a Gas Safe Registered specialist to work on your boiler. Only the Gas Safe Registered engineers can do gas boiler servicing legally.

Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are different from gas boilers and to fix it, contact any OFTEC certified boiler specialist. Do not hire any gas boiler specialist for oil boiler serving if he is not registered to do so. 

How Much Does Boiler Servicing Cost In The UK?

Boiler servicing cost varies on different matters. It depends on the type of boilers as well as the severity of the damage. It also depends on the area you are living in and residency in the London area will increase the cost substantially. However, for regular maintenance and assuming it does not have any major problems, you will have to pay between £50 and £80. We offer the most affordable boiler repairing service in Essex. Contact us to get expert suggestions on gas boiler servicing.

One-off Boiler Service Vs. Boiler Cover

You may find many agencies offering boiler cover where you pay an amount periodically and they cover the expenses in case your boiler requires servicing. It is quite lucrative as the amount you pay each time is not so high and puts you at ease knowing that everything will be covered. However, with regular maintenance, boilers tend to last for years without any major issues. Compared to the price you pay for boiler cover, a one-off service is cost-effective. Where major repairs may take place in 3-4 years after installing a new boiler, carrying costs to the date sum up way more than you may have to pay for a one-off repairing or servicing cost.

Reliable Boiler Servicing Near Me

G.L Plumbing And Gas Engineering Ltd. is one of the best boiler service companies in Essex. With a team of sophisticated gas engineers and Gas Safe Registered practitioners, we ensure your house is comfortable to live in throughout the seasons. Trust, transparency and accountability are what make us unique in this industry. As a local plumbing and heating company, we work with the finest craftsmanship and dedication. We are special for many reasons including—

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Our boiler engineers are Gas Safe Registered. That means you can rely on us for any of your gas appliance related issues. Contact us to let the professionals work on your boilers and heating appliances.

Emergency Boiler Servicing

Our emergency call out service is dedicated to meet your emergency needs at any cost. We respond to any emergency situation and take the necessary steps to reduce your hassle 24/7.


We do provide cost-effective heating solutions maintaining the highest level of perfection. As a local boiler servicing company, we are committed to providing top-notch services every time.

No Hidden Costs

You will get professional boiler breakdown repair, installation, and service at a fixed price. Our services do not include any hidden charge and offer transparencies at every level.

What To Look For When Servicing A Boiler?

To survive the cold winter and stay comfortable in the house, regular boiler servicing is necessary. But what should do when servicing your boiler for better performance? Below are some quick tips for boiler servicing—
  • Rigorous flue test of your boiler to prevent unsafe emissions
  • Gas tightness check to knockout any leaking possibilities
  • Ideal gas pressure test
  • Boiler ventilation check for gas boilers
  • Boiler components checking including burner, injector, heat exchangers, sensor probe etc.
  • Control checking to make sure it operates smoothly
  • Checking security seals
  • Detecting existing and potential leaks and corrosion
  • Checking all safety devices for peace of mind
Our team of highly skilled boiler engineers can identify any issues with the short notice given. To get professional help on your emergencies, please do not hesitate to call our service team at 01245 945112.
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