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Gas Safety Inspection

Gas Safety Inspection By Gas Certified Engineers In Essex

To keep your family safe from any unfortunate accidents, regular gas safety inspection is crucial. We provide comprehensive gas safety checks and complete boiler services at the most affordable prices in Essex. Whether it’s for commercial or domestic purposes, our professionally accredited gas safety engineers respond to any of your emergencies 24/7. Give us a call at 01245 945112 and our team will attend to you as quickly as possible.
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Gas Meter Safety Inspection

For a homeowner in Essex, it is mandatory for you to make sure your property is safe. This also applies to landlords to make sure their property is safe for the tenants to live in.
According to the Installation and Use Regulation of 1998, the gas appliances and fittings in your property need to be safe for tenants to live in. Anyone who is renting a place needs to be aware that gas safety certification is a legal requirement.

If you are still not complying with the law, beware, a hefty fine is awaiting your way. However, it’s more than just the punishment you must worry about. Your family’s safety is also at stake. So, do not leave it as it is, or try your luck, give us a call for a full-fledged gas safety check at the most affordable price.

What Are The Main Risks Of Having Unsafe Gas Appliances?

Gas accidents can be devastating. Hence, you need to confirm that you are using appliances in the best way recommended. However, there might have some issues putting your house at risk even after taking precautions. And in the worst scenario, you may end up burning your house badly. There are a few common issues that most landlords face regarding gas safety including—

Gas Leaks

Usually, most gas accidents start from a faulty appliance or pipe. It causes fires and explosions if the density is alarming. However, gas is a smelly element and can be detected by anyone. So, when you smell gas in your house, make sure you call in experts to assess the situation and find a solution.  We have the best Gas Safe registered engineers in our team to handle any of your emergencies. 

Fires And Explosions

A gas safety inspection is a must to prevent any accidental damage to your property. Safe household appliances make the best use of supplied gas, burning it efficiently throughout. As it burns gas properly, the risk of gas leakage is low. But if it’s faulty, it may leak gas through pipe joints resulting in explosions. 

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Commercial and domestic properties may collect poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) gas without even you knowing it. As the gas is tasteless and doesn’t have any smell, it is impossible to detect without any equipment. Your household appliances can produce CO gas causing you trouble and in some cases, death. To prevent such accidents, regular gas safety checks are necessary. Besides, it is mandatory for any homeowner to maintain paperwork periodically.We have been providing cost-effective Gas Safety Check services for many years now. Give us a call to keep your home safe from gas accidents.

What Do We Ensure During A Gas Safety Check?

Our gas safe engineers are knowledgeable enough to provide expert suggestions and detect any gas leaks. When we visit your home, we make sure—
  • The appliances are set properly for efficient gas burning
  • You are using the appliances in the right place
  • Gas appliances are stable, secure, and fully-functional
  • Connecting pipes are flawless and don’t have any leakage
For a comprehensive annual Gas safety certification, we consider every aspect including—
  • The air supply is adequate
  • Your safety devices are working properly
  • Chimneys, air vents, and flues are storing no CO, etc.
Most of the new landlords are unaware of the process of getting a gas safety certificate. Need help getting a gas safety inspection? Call us at 01245 945112 and we will guide you through the overall process of obtaining a Gas Safety Certification.
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