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Boiler Breakdown And Repair

On average, boilers can live for a good decade. During that time, the boiler works hard and does everything within its power to supply hot water for you and your family. So, it is natural for your boiler to go through minor hiccups from time to time.  Even if you get your boiler maintained annually, there are still possibilities of your boiler breaking down eventually. 

Boiler Repair Near Me

Having a boiler breakdown can be frustrating, especially during winter. No need to worry, as we are here to help. We offer all kinds of boiler repair and breakdown services. Rest assured, the best boiler repair service is just one call away. Call us at 01245 945112 for emergency boiler repair.

We are a full-service boiler breakdown, installation, and service company based in Essex. With years of experience in serving local home and property owners, our team can handle any of your emergencies. So, if you are looking for the best boiler breakdown and repair service team near me, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please notify our team of your emergencies and we will let you know what is wrong with your boiler. The priority is to get your boiler up and running on the same day you make the call.

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Boiler Breakdown Repair: Why Regular Check-Up Is Necessary?

Regular boiler maintenance is crucial for longer service life and smooth performance. However, it is recommended you check your boiler and fix any issues detected during summer so it delivers warm water and necessary heating throughout the whole winter without interruptions.

Regular boiler check-up and maintenance ensures safety, reliability, and efficiency. It reduces energy consumption and power bills significantly. Most importantly, it prevents building up poisonous Carbon Monoxide (CO)— saving you and your family.

Again, according to UK law, all landlords must obtain a gas safety certificate. This is to protect the property from unwanted accidents and keeping the tenants safe from troubles. However, gas safety inspection deals with the whole gas appliance system. So, if you have a gas boiler, ignoring this issue will cause you a hefty fine.

What Do We Do During Your Boiler Breakdown And Repair Service In Essex?

We are Gas Safe Registered and permitted to provide full-service solutions to any of your gas appliance related needs. Throughout our work, we will tune your boiler for the best performance for the years to come. However, our complete boiler breakdown and repair service in Essex includes—

  • Rigorous flue test of your boiler to prevent unsafe emissions
  • Gas tightness check to knockout any leaking possibilities
  • Ideal gas pressure test
  • Boiler ventilation check for gas boilers
  • Control checking to make sure it operates smoothly
  • Detecting existing and potential leaks and corrosion
  • Checking all safety devices for peace of mind

Why Choose Our Boiler Breakdown And Repair Service In Essex?

We have the most expert gas engineers to effectively repair your faulty boilers. Whether it’s a traditional boiler or a relatively new combi boiler, we can install and repair them all. Our gas boiler breakdown and repair service is cost-effective and ensures the safety of your family members. Below are some reasons why we are the #1 choice for Essex boiler repairs—

Qualified Boiler Engineers

Regardless of your boiler types, we are fully qualified to work on any of them. Our specialists have years of experience in installing and servicing boilers maintaining the highest quality standards.

Gas Safe Registered

We have professionally accredited boiler servicemen ready to provide expert suggestions on-site. Besides, our Gas Safe Registered engineers ensure the highest level of perfection to eliminate any threat that you may face.

24/7 Here To Help

Our boiler breakdown covers day and night. So, you don’t have to worry even if your boiler breaks during midnight. We are available for emergency call outs and our experts will reach you at your place within the shortest time possible.


We do provide cost-effective boiler breakdown and repair service ensuring the highest level of perfection. As a local plumbing and heating service company, we are committed to providing top-notch services every time.

Book As You Wish

Our express and emergency plumbing and central heating services are flexible and can be tailored to your availability. Fill out our contact form and state when you’d like to be visited. Our experts will be there right in time.

No Hidden Costs

Our engineers will give you expert suggestions regarding your needs and work to find the most effective and efficient solution. As a local boiler breakdown and repair company, we have built our reputation on providing great service at a great price.

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